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I thought it might be interesting to describe a little about the theater we just finished building and what is in it. Here's a picture of the rack with the equipment inside. Rack The first thing you'll notice is the two P10 Power Plants on the bottom. I probably should have gotten black ones but I just so love the silver of our equipment... Besides, the rack sits in a closet at the rear of the theater with a door to isolate it from the room. The projector, which I'll show you in another post, is housed in a custom-built box with its own ventilation system to cool it as well as a piece of optical glass on the front to isolate the noise. I simply cannot stand the noise these projectors make or, for that matter, anything but dead quiet. My designer, Robert, figured the entire quiet enclosure out and it works well. Dead quiet. Moving up from the two P10s, which power the entire system, including the projector, I have a 7-channel and a 5-channel Emotiva power amplifier for a total of 12 channels. I have this many because we went with the new Dolby Atmos setup, so the height channels would be included. I am a little dubious about having done this, since nearly nothing has any height information and aside from the demo disc, I have never actually heard them in use. But, you know me, gotta have the latest greatest. Besides, someday there will be lots of movies with the height channel, or so I am told. The Emotivas are designed and built by my friend Dan Laufman, an Audiophile and talented circuit designer. After spending years listening to great sound in the Music Rooms of PS Audio, the last thing I want is brightness to the sound of my theater. In my experience, and after having listened to many a bright theater, the class D amplifiers built into modern receivers suck. They are bright, harsh, and makes you want to simply turn them down. I can always spot their sound. They drive me from the room. No, unless you go with excellent Class D amps like those some our fellow high end designers have created, you're better off with a classic A/B design like the Emotivas. And the Emotivas are a bloody bargain! Sound wise? Oh my gosh, I have the sweetest, best sounding theater I have yet heard. Not a vestige of harshness to be heard. Terri and I watched the King's Speech last night and the soundtrack was just extraordinary in DTS. More tomorrow.
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