Green Fires Burning

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Green Fires Burning

For those of you that have enjoyed my first two books in the Eemian series (a thriller centered around the idea we are not the first modern civilization), The Aurora Project and They Came First, I am delighted to announce the story in the Aurora Project continues in my latest book, Green Fires Burning.

Those of you that read The Aurora Project remember that I left you hanging at the end. Well, as promised, Book 3, Green Fires Burning, picks up where we left off. 

And, for those wondering about the title of the book, Green Fires refers to a part of the story that takes place in the Green River Formation, a stretch of land that follows the Green River from Colorado through Wyoming and Utah. That formation holds the single largest deposit of fossil fuels on the planet—more than all the fossil fuels we have burned since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and what remains today, combined—and my main character in this book, Magnus Sawyer (Sam's father) is determined to get it out of the ground with a startling new/old technology we uncover in the book.

It's a white-knuckle thrilling read. A great novel to enjoy over the holidays.

The eBook, paperback, and hardcover are available now. The audio version, again read by the legendary Edoardo Ballerini, will launch in three weeks.

Have fun and thank you, as always, for the support.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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