Musicians Know Better

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Musicians Know Better

Musicians know best how their instruments and music sound.

I disagree.

Musicians have a unique perspective, one that is not shared by those of us who enjoy their music.

Imagine how a violin must sound when the instrument is under your chin and your left ear is mere inches from the strings and bow. I guarantee you that is an audio perspective only the player knows.

And the sound of a live band on stage is very different than that of an audience member the band is playing to.

No, I think most musicians are rather bad at correctly identifying how their instrument sounds to listeners of their music, just as bad (I suspect) as you or I might be at identifying how it sounds to make that music.

I’ve spent more than half a century as a listener from afar.

That’s a lot of experience of a very different nature than the musicians who are making the music.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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