Cable Damage

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Cable Damage

I often speak in terms that make a few people nervous. Take for example the notion that speaker cables damage sound quality.

To me, this is a fairly obvious notion. Since cables are passive they cannot add anything, but they sure can subtract.

When a conduit of sound subtracts from that which was intended to be delivered to the speakers we can with some confidence suggest the music has been damaged.

The problem with this language seems to be focused on one word.


Folks read that single word and come away with the idea speaker cables can damage a power amplifier and thus they should be careful. Sometimes those keywords jump off the page in a way that stops us from fully grasping their true meaning.

Of course, speaker cables cannot damage equipment. They can only damage the signal.

Perhaps a better word would rob.

Yes. To some extent, speaker cables rob (steal) from the music.

What starts out as clean and pure never gets to its final destination.

Some cables rob from the high frequencies while others steal from the lower extremes.

Perhaps this is a better way to describe how cables can only subtract rather than add.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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