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Movie music

There aren't that many movies Terri and I feel comfortable watching. The bulk of releases these days seem either too violent, too stupid, too scary, too lame, too depressing, or too something we don't like. Super heroes and maniacal gun slingers just aren't our cups of tea.

So when Harrison Ford's new Lucas Film's release of Indiana Jones, The Dial of Destiny launched we were first in line. Sure, there are too many chase scenes and shootings, and it's a bit long but overall we both found ourselves laughing and enjoying one of the great pieces of film work in many years.

And I am reminded of just how important the music is to a film. Every time composer John William's Indiana Jones theme played we got ready for more fun and action. It didn't matter if that action was from Indy or (what I assume to be) the new Indy, actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge playing his goddaughter, Helena Shaw (she was outstanding).

The music did the trick.

Imagine how lifeless a movie like this, or any well done movie is without its music (Shakespeare in love is a great example).

It's music that's the real star.

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