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I often get asked to tone down my rhetoric and head closer to the centerline of acceptance; requests that generate pangs of guilt. I doubt any of us want to stick out too far, poke the box too hard, rattle cages too loudly. Yet, how interesting is middle ground? I cannot imagine making products targeted to the masses, deciding which features to add or subtract based on surveys and customer comments. I suppose that's what some do and I'll bet they're successful as hell. It's not for us. Staying near the fringes is exhilarating. Straying from the middle is where we learn, where innovation comes from, where our hearts lie. I have always been a little happier, and certainly more energized, when I poke the box hard enough that it jumps back and surprises us all. HT to my friend Seth for the box analogy.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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