Loud and inexperience

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Loud and inexperience

Have you ever noticed how often the loudest voices seem to come from those with the least experience?

I posted a YouTube video on the benefits of braiding power cables and why it matters. The responses were, as expected, quite angry and negative.

First, I don't understand the anger.

Second, it seems like those with the most heated objections are those that have never tried listening to the differences in cables.

It's as if the idea is so abhorrent that it's not even worth their time. And yet, it seems worth folk's time to voice loud and angry opinions.

That doesn't make sense to me if only from a simple conservation of energy perspective if nothing else.

Is their loudness commensurate with their level of outrage at how far from their worldview the idea is or something else?

The louder people shout about things they've never tried the more I am confused.

There is much in human nature that eludes me.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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