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Speaking with Arnie Nudell yesterday and he was beside himself with the improvements wrought to USB and DirectStream with the Audioquest Jitterbug installed. I haven't had the chance to try it myself. Rumor is they're backordered and mine's on the way. I'll report back when I get it. And here's what's interesting to me. My friend Mark came to hear Music Room One. I was hesitant because a few tweaks I've discovered weren't in place, so, how would it perform without them? We cranked DirectStream and the BHK up and turned the lights low. The Perlman piece I am so fond of started playing on the IRSV and heads began to shake, so good was the sound. No tweaks, extra stuff, not even warmed up. I so love adjusting to the system, adding an improvement and being blown away with the difference. Yet, even without the improvement in place, the baseline from which we start can often be so good that we long for nothing more. And that is the point in any system where we want to be, discerning enough to appreciate small or large tweaks, yet not so lacking that we miss them when they're gone.
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