It's the little things

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It's the little things
*Chapter 26 of Resurrection is now available to read here. We routinely deal with the big issues in our lives. We have to lest they overwhelm us. But, sometimes we find ourselves in the position of having enough time to pay attention to the little things. The things that go untended. Now that for many of us life's turned upside down, where home is the mainstay and away-work the occasion, roles have reversed. Home's little things are finally getting their due. Maybe it would be fun to list a few of the little things you've changed in your life. Here's two of my own. Ever since Terri updated our bathroom's towels I have been unhappy. The old ones had a rough side to them where water was more absorbent. These new ones have a much subtler texture that's taken some measure of focus to figure out. Worse, the manufacturer's tags are extremely absorbent, such that when first out of the shower they drag in the floor's small puddle and get soaked, rendering them cold, wet and always a shock upon the skin. Just this morning I had time enough to bring a pair of scissors to the rescue. (Don't tell Terri) It's the little things. For some reason, our little LS-50/REL sub system speakers keep getting toed in too much, something that narrows the sweet spot to an unacceptable level. I don't know how they creep around. There are only two of us at home and I never mess with them. Perhaps gremlins. I now make it a morning ritual to repair the creep so that when the evening or late afternoon tunes start to play, the sound is right. (Don't tell Terri) It's the little things. You?
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