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The last video I made was of the Munich High End show. While creating the video a strange thing happened that I've been noodling about for some time now. When I walked into the Martin Logan room the speakers were playing and they instantly sounded like, well, Martin Logans. That wasn't much of a surprise so I whipped out my trusty camera, which happened to be my iPhone, and video'd the room and the speakers. I didn't think much of it until I came home. That's when the surprise happened. As I played back the file from the phone, guess, what. I could instantly hear they were Martin Logans. Now, the iPhone's a nice little camera, but ... This fascinated me because we work so hard at uncovering tiny details, subtle cues in our music, yet these same cues aren't always subtle. How could that be? My first thought was the nature of the speaker itself. A Martin Logan's an electrostatic panel. As such it has a very narrow dispersion pattern which severely limits the sound at the edges of the speaker. Sitting of axis from the speaker will quickly demonstrate that to you. But I suspect there's actually more going on, I am just not sure what. It could be as simple as I describe, but this observation may also lead to a deeper truth: one I am missing. It eats at me.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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