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In yesterday's post, I shared with you impressions of Huron, our new operating system for DirectStream DAC. For those of you that own DirectStreams you can go here and download Huron onto an SD card and install it in your DAC for free. Couple of reminders:
  • The SD card cannot be larger than 32gB
  • The file is zipped, so you must unzip it, then place the contents onto a clean SD card
  • Insert the card and reboot the DAC
If you need any guidance, you can go here to get instructions and watch the video. Huron is an extraordinary leap of excellence, taking a great DAC to an even greater one. The magnitude of change is enough for me to comfortably suggest DS can be put up against any other DAC in the world, at any price. It's that good. And when others manage to catch up, Ted will have the next generation at the ready. But Huron is not perfect. Moreover, it will not be universally loved by everyone that listens (though I predict the number of people that don't like it will be small). This is because greatness does not resonate with all who stand in its presence. Not everyone likes every food, musical type, sound system, performance. Even Mozart has detractors. Enjoy one of the great works of art and let us know your thoughts.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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