If only...

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If only...

Spending some time away from home over the past few days has given me a somewhat different perspective on the day-to-day needs of audiophiles.

One trend I had, in my isolation, neglected is the need for a bit of spice. "My system's almost perfect. If only..."

Indeed, how many of us are completely satisfied with what we have achieved?

I suspect only a small percentage.

For many I believe we're looking for that added touch of spice, that extra measure of transparency, just a little more space around the instruments, a bit more blat from that trumpet.

For me the "if only" phase comes and goes in small waves. For the most part, I am somewhat in awe of how my system sounds. More of a constant reminder of just how great everything sounds as opposed to a desire for more.

But once in a while a bit of "what if" creeps in. A healthy dose of non-complacency.

It's the "what ifs" that lead us down the path of crafting better.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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