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I am simply shocked. Flabbergasted actually. I recall long ago when something similar shocked me as well. A customer drove three hours to announce to Stan and I that our preamp sounded "far, far, better" upside down rather than as it was designed. Funny thing was, she was right. And that blew us away. But this, my friends, this just astounded me. No, what I experienced today set me on my ear, blew me away and I shan't likely recover soon. One of our customers told me to try something I frankly had never considered. No, not in a million years. "Take the BHK power amplifier and reverse it." "Huh?" What he meant was odd, certainly but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. He wanted me to use the power amplifier in reverse, as a preamp–a sound enhancer–and all I had to do was put the output signal from the DAC into the BHK's output terminals and the signal would appear, as if by magic, at the input of the amplifier! Now, this seemed rather silly, as who would want to take an entire BHK amp and turn it into a sound enhancer? Seemed kind of big, it did, but what the hell? Anything for a better sound. I sat one on the bench, connected the DAC's output to the BHK's output binding posts, placed a set of balanced interconnects to another BHK amp and that was connected to the speakers. Here's a picture of what I did. Untitled drawing What were the results? Seriously? Happy April Fool's Day.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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