How many layers?

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How many layers?

With some new circuit or software innovations, we hear deeper into the music—removed is an obfuscating layer revealing what lies just under the surface.

Which begs two questions: are there actually layers to be removed and if so how many are there?

The assumed layers blocking a closer look inside the music have been called many things: veils, layers, clouds, and haze—a stack of barriers separating music and listener. Their one-by-one removal gets us closer to the original recording, or so we imagine.

I question this whole notion of layers and wonder if instead, it's more closely related to increasing the contrast or adding saturation to a video image.

Could it be that instead of removing layers, we're actually supercharging the musical signal?

More than just a semantic twist, there's a fundamental difference between removing haze and amping up content.

It's an interesting question, one I will spend more time exploring over these next few months.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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