Hard wired

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Hard wired

At first thought, it would seem obvious that a hard-wired connection between a digital source and a DAC would have to be better than a wireless connection where multiple steps and technologies combine to do the same, simple transfer of data as a simple hard wire.

But because something is obvious doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

For example, the hard wired connection ties noisy grounds together. Further, the hard-wired connection depends entirely on the connecting cable's ability to perfectly transfer data.

How many cables are perfect transmitters of data?

On the other hand, if we go wireless there's the immediate advantage of disconnecting the common grounds between the two pieces of equipment. Further, we now have an opportunity to regenerate a new and perfectly clean set of data right at the DAC.

I am not pushing the idea of wireless versus hard-wired.

My goal is to point of that "obvious" might not always be so obvious.

It pays to dig a little deeper when evaluating new technologies.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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