Change and disruption

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Change and disruption

With the recent sad announcement of the closure of RMAF and the postponement of AXPONA, it would seem we are entering yet another era, one without mass gatherings.

Given the current state of affairs coupled with the reluctance of so many to get vaccinated or wear a mask to protect others, we cannot in good faith assure the safety of our team.

To be totally transparent, we were among the bigger exhibitors of RMAF who had to make the tough decision not to put our staff at risk.

To help the show financially we had offered to instead put a static display in our room so those attending could touch and feel the new FR30 and BHK600 amplifier—and maybe figure out a way for the system to be playing. But, all that said, I know our decision not to risk the health of our team weighed heavily on the show organizers, Marjorie and Marci. They are wonderful people who had to make a tough decision of putting people's health and safety above their own financial interests.

They define courage.

My sense of where we're going in the future is a hopeful one. I am comforted by the assurance of our company's epidemiological advisor that for those choosing vaccinations, CoViD and its evolving variants will, within a reasonable period of time, be relegated to the status of being just part of the annual flu shot routine.

And life will go on.

In the meantime, there have been lots of great ideas floated past us of how we might stay connected as a family anxious to share audio experiences together. Like having a chance to audition the new FR30 speaker or BHK600. That's great and keep those ideas coming!

In the meantime, our in-home audition of products will remain the core of our domestic approach. Take it home, try it out for a month, and if it works for you, let us buy back your older gear. If it doesn't, no hard feelings, and thanks for the opportunity to give us a chance.

With change comes disruption. With disruption comes change.

In the end, it'll sort itself out and for the better.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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