Giving yourself permission

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Giving yourself permission
We're a funny lot. If we've set some sort of goal or restriction we work hard to stick to it regardless of the outcome. Like promising yourself not to eat French fries, or never play music from Tony Orlando. But then something changes and you're faced with a new set of temptations. You don't want to break your promise to yourself but heck, circumstances have changed. Right? So we give ourselves permission to violate the agreement just this once. Those fries were hand-cut and not the frozen kind, and Tony's new single did get rave reviews. Life's full of guilty pleasures and giving yourself permission to enjoy a few is alright. You're convinced digital is king and that analog is antiquated. Or Tidal sounds better than Qobuz, XLR tromps RCA, you should purchase only from a dealer, horn speakers are old fashioned. When change is in the air, give yourself permission to open up just a smidge. That small opening of acceptability can often lead to discovery of the new and exciting.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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