Fuses and bees

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On my morning walk, I had to wear a raincoat to keep dry. But then the drizzle stopped and the sun came out.

Of course, technically that's not what happens. Clouds cover the Earth and block sunlight. The sun is always "out" and shining in the day. It is the clouds that obscure its warmth.

Often, our phrases cloud our appreciation of what happens technically. Take the big debate on fuses.

There's a growing love of fuses—beeswax fuses, in particular—that are said to improve the sound of anything power passes through. Like our DirectStream DAC.

And I don't doubt that is true, having heard such improvements with other fuses in the past. In fact, it's why we hand select the fuses that are used in our equipment.

It's natural to think these fuses make equipment sound better like salt improves the taste of food.

Only, it's an incorrect thought, in the same way as believing the sun comes out after it rains.

Fuses don't make things better, they make things less wrong.

And that is a big difference.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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