One foot in front of the other

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I get asked a lot about why we spend so much on innovation. "Why not just milk what you already have and save some money?" Certainly a lot of companies do this, but not us.

I'll share a little secret with you. We innovate to help us figure out what's next. Discovering the new means you have to step outside the old.

Imagine for a moment staying inside your home and never venturing outside. There'd be plenty of benefits: comfort, safety, familiarity lower cost. But compare that to the adventurous fellow who is outside mixing it up with whatever comes his way. Sure there's downsides: uncomfortable situations, fear of new things, unfamiliarity, higher costs.

The bigger picture is that while the person staying in the house is comfortable he doesn't grow and discover what's outside while the more adventurous learns, grows, meets new friends and winds up in a place he could never have predicted.

We innovate because each step in the innovation process happens as a result of putting one foot in front of the other to get to the new. We don't know where we're going because we're inventing the future.

I guess I am just not an indoor kind of guy. :)

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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