Finding your passion

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Finding your passion

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm for something (or someone). Finding it isn't always easy but, when you do, it's great to hone in on the elements that really fan the flames.

If I look at myself I quickly identify two major passions: learning how things work and building solutions.

From as far back as I can remember, I had to know how everything worked: why the sky is blue, what are rainbows, how a button and a switch work, a synthesizer, a phono stage, a vacuum tube, a traffic light. When I interact with the physical world there's not a lot around me I don't understand.

Faced with a problem or presented with a challenge, I am inspired to build a solution. When I was unhappy with the sound of the first CD players from Magnavox I figured out how they worked, determined what I could and could not affect, and built one of the first outboard DACs to solve the problem. When I was unhappy with my stereo's dynamics I added side-firing drivers activated by a log amplifier to extend the system's dynamic range.

Not everything is understandable to me. Not everything is fixable to me.

That was never the point.

The point is to identify and then follow one's passion even if it means failure.

What's your passion?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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