Endless ideas

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Endless ideas

Sitting in the Toronto airport on the final leg of our journey home from the Montreal HiFi show I was approached by a fellow by the name of Amir. Turns out Amir recognized me from the YouTube channel and wanted to say hi.

As we got to chatting he showed me some drawings of his dream project—a single driver loudspeaker with a 2.5" full range driver feeding into a horn loaded transmission line that he claimed would go down to 45Hz.

Dang nice idea. No crossover, only a single driver. And, because of the driver's small diameter, it could respectably reproduce the full range of audio.

While this kind of approach is not my cup of tea, it will most certainly hold an appeal for quite a number of people. Which is what this post is all about.

There's an endless number of fresh ideas of how to tackle the challenge of high-performance home audio reproduction—and a seemingly endless number of people willing to experiment—facts that delights me.

From innovative collections of gear to unique setups solving room interaction problems, we are a fascinating and inventive group that keeps pushing the needle forward.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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