Emotional listening

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What an interesting challenge we face. Building equipment to capture emotions. And, when you think about it, what a seemingly impossible mission to snare feelings with bits of wire and solder. Yet that is the task at hand faced by all artists regardless of their toolsets: a composer's pen and paper, a painter's brush and canvas, a chef's ingredients. I imagine a similar challenge faces every creator in every field which begs the question, what differentiates builders of commodities from art? Intent. When designers intend to build something that connects to our inner emotions, that is when the possibility of rising above the ordinary has a chance for success. Whenever I find myself attached to an idea, a product, a concept, it is because the designer intended for that to happen. And succeeded. A rare, but wonderful thing, especially when the end result brings us closer to the music.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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