Election day

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Election day
Terri and I voted weeks ago and placed our ballots in the Boulder ballot dropbox. We've already received email confirmation they were recorded and counted. One more important thing off our list of to-dos. Hopefully, you've done the same. But, if not, today's the day to cast your vote. Voting is important. Your voice will help determine the future of our country, so we encourage you to take what time is needed to cast your vote. As Americans proud of our democracy we're surprisingly remiss when it comes to casting our vote. In the 2014 midterm elections, only 36% of eligible voters turned out—a low point for our country. There hasn’t been a turnout that low since 1942—6 years before I was born. Of the world's top 34 developed countries, the United States ranks a dismal 31 in voter turnout. Only Japan, Chile, and Switzerland were worse. As a country—a proud nation of freedom-loving people—we can do better. We'll be back to stereos tomorrow but today please do your country right and vote.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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