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DSD256 downloads
A few weeks ago we had announced that our entire Octave Record's catalog was now available in DSD256. Many of you got excited (me too!) and purchased them..... .....only to discover there was no music on those downloads. Doh! This was 100% my fault and I apologize. Now, the files are repaired and available again for download. If you previously purchased them your old download code still works. If you lost it or whatever, reach out to the sales team and they'll get you fixed right up. Again, mea culpa and apologies. For those who didn't know about this, you can go here and find (hopefully to your delight) the following formats now available for download: DSD
  • DSD64
  • DSD128
  • DSD256
  • 44.1kHz
  • 96kHz
  • 192kHz
  • 352kHz
This is pretty exciting for us. In the future, we will likely lose 192kHz and go instead to a more native format of 176kHz (a true multiple of 44.1). All new Octave recordings are natively recorded in DSD256, but the older classics were in DSD64. How did we get to these new sample rates? With a great deal of sweat and time. As many of you know, the process of mixing and mastering DSD requires conversion to either analog or DXD. The older catalog was first converted to analog, then reconverted back to DSD64. For remastering, we did basically the same thing only instead of converting the final mix to DSD64 we instead selected DSD128 and DSD256. Why a lot of time and sweat? The entire remastering process is done in real-time. Meaning each track is converted at a painstaking 1:1. So an hour-long album takes an hour to remaster in each new DSD rate (so two hours for each album to get DSD128 and DSD256). You do the math. The results are spectacular and worth grabbing.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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