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The word "disruption" causes me discomfort. I am unnerved at the thought of my peace, quiet, or lifestyle disrupted. But I get over the discomfort quickly if it's technology that is the disruptor. Technology has a habit of disrupting the status quo in a good way. Think of the disruption caused by the refrigerator, automatic washing machine, television, FM radio, moving coil cartridge, Heil air motion transformer, subwoofer, computer, cell phone, and we can't forget digital audio. Today's disruptions like touch screens, streaming audio, wireless speakers, DSP, Class D amplifiers, and active room and noise tuning devices are just the tips of future icebergs. I can look into PS Audio's crystal ball of upcoming products and technologies and see miracles on the horizon. We are only a small part of a much larger picture of bright and innovative minds furthering the art and science of bringing high-quality music into our homes. Disruption that promotes progress is something to embrace if—and this is a big if—we don't throw babies out with the bathwater. It's tempting to be excited about the latest and greatest new invention, but only if it doesn't rob us of our past's treasures. I am excited about the future.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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