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Design recipes
Our design process is like a recipe: 1 part inspiration, 1 part prior art, 1/2 a textbook circuit, a dash of proprietary technology, shake well, measure, then listen. If it doesn't hit the mark, it's back to the tweak bench or the drawing board. The end result of a food recipe is the dinner table. For PS Audio's equipment designs, it's the listening room. People often ask us what the ingredients in the listening room are. My answer changes from week to week as we gather new music, retire some of the tired hits, or renew classics to see how much progress we've made. If you have Qobuz you can load PS Audio's Reference Playlist into your system and see (or rather hear) for yourself. You can even load this into a simple web browser to enjoy a partial taste of the tracks we use as reference quality music. Whether it's food or design recipes, what matters is how they make you feel.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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