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Depth is a deep subject. There are many things to learn of it when we are discussing sounds systems reproducing it. First, what is depth of soundstage? Soundstage is the illusory three dimensional area our recordings live in. Properly executed it resides behind the loudspeakers, never in front. Its overall size, width, depth and height vary by recording, loudness, room, speaker placement and playback equipment capabilities. Second, how is it created? Soundstage can be generated by a single loudspeaker, though typically the best presentations are formed by more than two channels, usually stereo speakers, but surround systems can do it as well. Stereo speakers shoved up against the rear wall rarely have much soundstage or depth, though there are exceptions. Several years ago I patented a cool system that broadcast a convincing three dimensional soundstage with a single enclosure loudspeaker system, placed one foot from the rear wall. You can read my patent for the Acoustic Spatial Projector here. Lastly, and perhaps most important to you, dear reader, how can you get a big, realistic soundstage from your system? We'll start on achieving that Monday morning. Be ready with pencils in hand.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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