Decisions, decisions, decisions

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Decisions, decisions, decisions
Weeding through this morning avalanche of spam I see on offer an oil contract opportunity that is labeled as a legit and genuine business deal, a once in a lifetime chance to join something called Silver Singles, a foldable laptop stand that will forever fix my posture, and a new knife plier which will (thankfully) eliminate my need for all those messy tools. Though somewhat disappointed no one wants to put money in my bank account or sell me a sure-fire organic cure for CoViD, I suppose I'll have to wait for the next big opportunity to come my way. I am always impressed by the decision making process. Or perhaps better stated, I am always impressed when someone actually makes a decision. The process can be everything from fun to agonizing. This morning I was making my way through the warehouse and stopped at a mountain of outgoing boxes, each with a different address label. Among the many boxes I spotted: BHK amps, PST transports, Strata Integrated, P15 Power Plants, vacuum tube replacements. In the corner near the roll up door were several hundred envelopes of Octave releases on their way to music lovers around the world. Each and every box and package was the end result of a decision that could have taken weeks, months, or years to make. Or perhaps at the snap of a finger. Sometimes I have to take a step back and simply marvel at it all. Decisions can be tough but once made we tend to relax and get ready for that special moment when it comes to fruition.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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