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Copper's a pretty amazing metal. Our music reproduction equipment wouldn't work without it - and, it has an interesting history. Copper was the first metal to be used by humans around 8,000 BC, and the first metal to be melted and molded into a shape some 4,000 years later. Copper carries electricity. To our homes in the form of wire carrying AC power. To our ears in the form of circuit boards, wires and connectors delivering analog and digital information. Copper is also the name of our upcoming magazine. I had mentioned in several earlier posts we were looking for an iconic, single word name for the online magazine we're launching in March. Hundreds of great names were submitted. The challenge of narrowing down choices - great choices - was a tough one that we agonized over for a great deal of time. Then, one of the magazine's contributors, Seth Godin, threw his name for the magazine in the hat. Copper. It shot straight to the top of the list and never left. Copper's iconic, it's never been used before, it permeates everything we do in our industry. Copper, The Journal of Music and Audio. Congratulations to Seth Godin who wins a Sprout. I want to thank all of you that worked so hard at coming up with great ideas for the magazine's name. Hundreds of fresh and innovative names bubbled up to the surface. Narrowing so many choices down to the final one is hard - and you go into that choice knowing not everyone will love it - some may even hate it - but choose you must, and we couldn't be more thrilled. We hope to launch the first edition of Copper in March. Stay tuned.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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