ConTROversy vs. CONtroversy

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My notion in yesterday's post of physical media having more value to me than downloaded has certainly sparked some controversy (I wish I could write 'controversy' with the same inflection points as British people speak it). This is something to ponder as I have both downloaded and physical media. And there are many among us that find more listening enjoyment from their physical media rips than the very media it was ripped from. My friend Arnie is now fascinated with listening to tracks on SD cards which he swears sound better than the same, captured from the polycarbonate discs they came from. We've discussed at length these controversies and have gotten about as far as the aforementioned British with their 'ConTROversy', vs. our American 'CONtroversy' pronunciations. So in the meantime we might pickup a discussion about physical vs. download, advantages and disadvantages. See you tomorrow when we shall wade into the thickest of conTROversy.
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