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While we are on the subject of testing equipment available to people with nothing more than an iPhone, here's one I would highly recommend.

Reader Ric Parker sent this to me and what I appreciate is several features: a FFT and a click, snap polarity tester, in addition to the real time analyzer I wrote of in this post.

A FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) is valuable because it uses an impulse rather than a steady state signal to test the speaker. An impulse is better than steady state because it negates the room interactions when measuring the loudspeaker. It's kind of like having your own anechoic chamber.

And perhaps even more valuable is the polarity tester. It makes a small "click" noise and can demonstrate through the system if proper polarity is maintained (some refer to 'polarity' as 'phase').

Great tools and it amazes me that for so little money we can have so much in a handheld device. Only a few years ago just the FFT alone would have cost thousands.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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