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Isn't clarity something we all strive for in both our lives and our sound systems?

It surely is in mine.

Clarity in a stereo system implies the elimination of sonic veils. That the fewer obstacles, distortions, and layers of non-essential sound are peeled back exposing the true sound of music.

Clarity in the recording process implies low coloration microphones and positioning them where they capture both the room and the instrument. After all, we judge clarity as getting closest to what we hear without the reproduction chain.

Clarity in the playback system is the most difficult to achieve. We have a lot to contend with: a room different than where the recording was made, distortions in the electronic and signal chains, and in particular, the loudspeaker's level of distortion.

Not to make a pun, but I am pretty clear that the more layers we remove the closer to the musical truth we will get. 

Thus, the single biggest obstacle in the reproduction chain is our old friend the loudspeaker. Yours might be warm and welcoming, but is it honest?

A great and clear question to ask the designers.

As long as we're being clear about things. :)

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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