Can speakers disappear?

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Can speakers disappear?

To some of us, the idea of the disappearing speaker is easy to relate to because we've heard it for ourselves. To others, it's hard to imagine.

Yet, if we think about it, we've all heard our speakers disappear. It happens every time someone plays an instrument or sings into the center of the soundstage.

The phantom center channel.

There's nothing in between the left and right speakers, yet on even the poorest setups we hear sound coming from nothing.

And if that's true then what's so hard to believe we can't make the left and right monoliths disappear too? In fact, anyone that's heard a pair of aspens know immediately what I am referring to. 

aspen Loudspeakers, among a few other brands, were designed from the ground up to not only disappear, but to generate such an effortless three dimensional image as to be non-existent in the room.

Can you get there without aspens or other well designed speakers? Sure, in my Audiophile's Guide I help folks achieve the disappearing act using any loudspeaker and room.

It's just not quite as easy. 

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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