Bright side

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Bright side
Looking on the bright side seems socially acceptable while listening on the bright side is to be avoided. This kind of makes sense since we tolerate optimists but run from aggressive sound. The meanings are different and in interesting ways. The bright side of life—or the sunny side of the street (your choice)—is where we see ourselves basking in the light of a path without hurdles: skewed towards more of the positive attributes. Listening to a bright system implies an aggressive uneven balance of sound: skewed towards the upper registers at the expense of the mids and lower regions—glaring. And, glare is something to be avoided. As a lifelong optimist (to the point of blindsiding myself to the negative), I often see the world differently than others. That's alright since I believe we can all agree 'tis better to enjoy what works in our music systems then stress about what doesn't. Nothing's perfect except the joy we feel connecting with music.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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