Best $38 I ever spent

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I just found the coolest new loudspeaker I have ever owned. I am sitting in a hotel room in San Antonio Texas listening to it play my favorite tunes and loving it. Now before you get too excited I will disclose that this post is an unashamed selfish plug for one of my sons. My oldest son, Lon, has been around high-end audio all his life and some of it has rubbed off. I'll tell you the story. A year or so ago Lon travelled to the Hong Kong electronics fare and spent two days scouring the vendors to see if there was anything interesting. He came back with only one item: a small bluetooth enabled loudspeaker. Over for dinner one evening he was excited to show me this little gem. "Pop, am I nuts? This thing sounds amazing to me." A quick listen and it was obvious he had something that actually worked, actually sounded good. I was pretty blown away and encouraged him to move forward with its design and introduction. This tiny little cube that he literally threw to me across the room, was making music. I mean, this thing fits in the palm of your hand and fills the room with sound. Not tinny, not aggressive, its sound is stunning for what it is. He and his industrials designer added their aesthetic touches and the result is the coolest package I've seen. One of my favorite internet radio stations is Seattle's KPLU, Jazz 24, Their musical selections are just wonderful. I am a subscriber and supporter of their station. I now listen to them exclusively on this tiny, battery powered gem. I am listening to them right now as I type this in my hotel room. Here's a picture of the speaker.
Check out this amazing little speaker
And the best part? This thing is $38 delivered. Yeah, no kidding. Here's the link. Like I said, this is clearly an unashamed plug for my son, but it's also a product I am really in love with. It's great. If you decide to pick one up, drop me a note and let me know what you think. It goes outside while you're working in the yard, travels with you in your shaver pouch, or sits on the dash of your car while you're driving, all fed from whatever is playing on your phone. Truly amazing. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
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