Audiophile etiquette

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Audiophile etiquette

Etiquette refers to an accepted code of polite behavior and social conventions within a particular society or group. It can vary depending on different cultures.

In western cultures it's customary to finish everything on your plate while in Chinese culture, it's polite to leave a small amount of food at the end of the meal, as finishing everything may suggest that you were not served enough (I learned this the hard way). And then there's burping. In Chinese cultures a good belch at the table is considered a sign of satisfaction while here at home that same thing might get you some head shaking and eye rolling. 

And then there's audiophile etiquette: offering the hot seat to your guest; establishing a reference point by playing your musical selections first, then offering others a choice. 

Proper etiquette applies to all sorts of audiophile things. Imagine the nasty looks you might get if you're talking through an audio demonstration; the look of horror on an audiophile's face when a newbie picks up one of their cherished vinyl records with his grubby paws.

To most of us, this matter of etiquette is as normal as eating with a fork instead of our fingers. We simply don't give it a great deal of thought.

I doubt there's a Miss Manners guide for audiophiles yet, and stereos weren't invented in the days of Emilie Post, but who knows what might happen over the years?

Good manners are contagious.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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