Art or science?

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Art or science?

I am often asked whether high-end audio is an art or a science. Of course, the convenient answer is both.

Maybe a better question would be the degree to which the two are divided.

At PS Audio, the balance between art and science varies depending on the project's phase.

When we first dream of a new product it's almost purely art: dream about what we would like to have in our own systems without any concern for the technological hurdles.

The next phase is where we roll up our proverbial sleeves and generate schematics specific to the various systems that will be required: experience from prior art coupled with a lot of science.

Phase 3 is a 50/50 mix of art and science: how does it sound and what should we change to maximize performance? It is often necessary to think outside the box.

Phase 4 is all science: test, measure, test again.

But that's just us. Other manufacturers bounce around from zero art and all engineering science to a myriad of other combinations.

When products become personal you know there's a good blend of both art and science.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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