A real breakthrough

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A real breakthrough

To be honest, I have been working on a secret project for more than a decade and wanted to use this opportunity to tell the world—shout it out to the world.

I have finally broken the barrier between HiFi and live.

I have written about this before: how we can walk past an open window and tell without question when music from within is live or reproduced through speakers. Finally I know why.

It's the speaker itself. The mechanical nightmares we call loudspeakers are to blame. What's been needed all along is a massless speaker—one without any mechanical contrivance whatsoever. Dr. Hill tried with his Plasmatronic and it was a good start—but tanks of gas and inefficiencies doomed it to the oddity bin.

No, I've actually done it! How? How is it possible to produce the perfect massless point source? A full range reproduction device that can be powered by even a 10-watt SET amplifier and we can produce it for under $500 retail?

While you were sleeping, I snuck into your house and marked your calendar with the answer.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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