7.83 Hz

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7.83 Hz
The Schumann Resonance of the Earth is reported to be a very low 7.83Hz. If you duplicate this frequency major benefits to your health, sleep habits and stereo system are said to take place. You can spend $50 and have your own if you wish. As a natural skeptic, I surprised myself several years ago by accepting one of these devices as a gift and trying it out for an extended period of time in Music Room One. In or out I could not tell any difference in how I felt or how the system sounded. The kind person who donated the device to me wasn't offended nor surprised, though he claimed major benefits for his system and his sleep patterns. What's plain and obvious to me may not resonate (not to make a pun) with you. That's something we all have to respect because we're all so very different from each other as are our circumstances. Yet, we seek confirmation and agreement with others. It's not comfortable standing out on the ledge of uncertainty with our ideas and observations. If we discover a hidden truth it's not something we eagerly share unless we can be guaranteed some measure of acceptance by the group. I believe this tendency must go back as far in our DNA history as anything essential to our health and well being. After all, if you were the only one with the idea to eat the brightly colored mushroom the others in your tribe would reach consensus as they lowered you into the ground. It is safer today to express opinions and try new ideas than ever before and hopefully we can all be accepting of those new visions. Some of the most important revelations in my life came from being just brave enough to try something new. But I only eat mushrooms from the market.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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