How to connect a Power Plant to the Internet

Written by Shopify API

Connecting the P5 or P10 to the network and internet allows you to control the Power Plants through your control page on this website as well as view power performance graphs and schedule events. Connecting to the internet is relatively straightforward. If you have a hard wired Ethernet connection to your network or home router, simply plug the P5 or P10 in and it'll find its own way out. If you must do it wirelessly you'll need an Ethernet Bridge. You can find further information on Ethernet Bridges in our FAQ section. Connect an ethernet cable to the Power Plant. Make sure the ethernet cable is connected to your home's router. Only connections made through a router will connect the Power Plant to the outside world. Once the Power Plant has been connected, look on the front panel touch screen (of a P5 or P10) and you should see at the top of the screen the green "connected" light activated. This connected indicator shows only that the Power Plant has established a connection with your home network and has joined the network. Provided you have internet access available on your network, the Power Plant will then be connected to the internet= and available for control or measurements globally, through this website's Control Page.
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