Take Me to the Pilot

Take Me to the Pilot

Written by Frank Doris

Look at this beauty! Toshiba AM radio, 1955. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Masaki Ikeda (talk).

Look at this beauty! Toshiba AM radio, 1955. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Masaki Ikeda (talk).


A late 1950s or early 1960s Pilot Radio Corp. SA-232 stereo amplifier. These were high-quality amps in their time and could be paired with the Pilot SP-210 preamplifier by means of a dedicated umbilical cord.


Pilot SA-232, rear view. The green dummy plug covers the umbilical cord connection for the SP-210 preamp. Courtesy of StereoBuyers/High-End Auctions, photo by Howard Kneller.

OK, not strictly vintage but a 1970s icon reborn. The JBL L100 Classic, a modern re-issue of the JBL L100, one of the most famous loudspeakers of all time.


Potent portable: 1960 Motorola transistor radio ad. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Howard Kneller’s audio and art photography can be found on Instagram (@howardkneller@howardkneller.photog) and Facebook (@howardkneller).

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