Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

Written by Paul McGowan

This room is our masterpiece. A two-channel haven for playback of what we record at Sacred Grounds Studios in North Hollywood, California.

Resolution was the main design parameter in our two channel system. Resolution across the frequency range from 30 Hz. – 12,500 was our top priority. We wanted to be able to hear everything that occurred within that frequency range without any interference from the room. Both the gear and the room had to work together in order to accomplish this high degree of resolution.


Solid state amplification was used with special attention paid to power handling and dynamic reproduction. Bi-amplification is employed throughout using 300 Watt solid state mono blocks.

Lower frequencies were achieved using two 10” drivers with electronic crossovers since lack of consistency in the recording process demands that one has the ability to manage to lower frequencies at will.


Lower frequency pressure technology is distributed throughout all room surfaces along the proper rates and levels of absorption for middle and high frequencies, along with both horizontal and vertical quadratic diffusion for good imaging.

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