Room Tuning is Important!

Room Tuning is Important!

Written by Paul McGowan

Not only are room design and tuning important,  but having dedicated 30 amp circuits on the same phase are important as well.

My audio room was built with several and separate 30 amp circuits, each one utilizing wires in metal conduit.  I used PS Audio Power Ports as the outlets.

The room is 15′ x  25′, with 10′ ceilings. I used Michael Green’s Room Tune elements all over the room. I use a PS Audio P300 Power Plant to power my CD player, DAC and preamplifier: an Audible Illusion 3A Pre with phono Gold Board  for my turntable, an old MSB DAC, and a Cambridge Audio CD player. I also use a Richard Gray conditioner to power the amplifiers and the subs of my Vandersteen 5A speakers. The Vandersteens sit about 9″ into the room.

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