More Scenes From the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

More Scenes From the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society

Written by Harris Fogel

In Issue 196, Harris Fogel attended meetings of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society (LAOCAS), which included visits to AudioQuest in Irvine, California, and area dealers The Source Audio Video Design Group (Torrance) and Sunny Components (Covina). He took lots of photos – well, he is a photographer after all, and likes to take pictures of the people who make the audio industry happen. Here are more from his visits.


Larry Stimac, LAOCAS executive vice president of programming and events addresses the crowd. This photo gives an idea of how many folks came to the AudioQuest visit.


Equipment used for conditioning capacitors.


AudioQuest founder Bill Low gives a brief history of the company.


Part of the inside of an AudioQuest power conditioner.


High-quality AC outlets awaiting assembly.


Kristen Haughley of AudioQuest hosting yet another raffle that the author won't win.


Some of the various parts used in cable manufacturing.


LAOCAS members Brian and Maritte Green enjoying the tour.


LAOCAS founder Bob Levi knows he has a better chance to win than the author!


The Source Audio Video Design Group

Larry Stimac and George Counas of Zesto Audio enjoy the event.


Thomas Fogel of Mac Edition Radio holds the largest and most expensive Sony Walkman we’ve ever seen. Well, OK, it's note really a Walkman: the Sony ES-DMP-Z1 digital music player sells for $8,499 and weighs in at about 5-1/2 pounds.


Wayne Strickland and Jason Lord of The Source AV Design Group.


Sunny Components

Maritte Green with the gents from Gordos catering. This is seriously good Mexican food, and Taco Bell does not compare, any more then you'd confuse a Crosley portable record player with a VPI turntable.


Garth Powell, senior director of engineering for AudioQuest.



Bryan Long (AudioQuest) and Walter Schofield of distributor Nexus Audio Technologies take a quick break.


Header image: Young Bun of Novawear demonstrating the MonAcoustic  SuperMon Mini and PlatiMon Virtual Coaxial One speakers at Source Audio Design Group.

All images by Harris Fogel.


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