Linn Makes Majik

Linn Makes Majik

Written by Howard Kneller

It’s never easy to photograph something that’s black and shiny. Linn’s Majik DSM streaming integrated amplifier with built-in digital-to-analog converter (from $4,185) is no exception to that rule. It’s a gorgeous example of the minimalist school of design, and it presented me with an enticing photographic challenge.

Aside from Majik DSM’s high-resolution, monochromatic TFT display, which is invisible when turned off, its stark front panel includes only a few sleek buttons, a 1/4-inch headphone jack, and the words “Linn Majik DSM” in small lettering. Luckily, Majik DSM’s top panel includes a photogenic series of heat vents and the Linn name and logo. Also, the DSM’s rear-panel connectors provided an opportunity to capture some additional physical details.

To rely on somewhat trite phrasing, the Majik DSM sounds like it looks, i.e., clean. Distortion and other unwanted artifacts simply seem to be missing in action. Though when I finally finished the difficult job of photographing the DSM, I promised myself that my next subject would be a sonically noisier, but easier to shoot tube amp.


The Majik's heat sinks add a distinctive design element.



The Majik is an all-in-one component...just connect it to the internet and add speakers.


The Majik can also accommodate a variety of music sources. 


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