Issue 17

Issue 17

Written by Leebs

As we approach the annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, our home-town show (sorta), we have a lot yet to accomplish. In this issue I take a not-so-cynical look at the show in The Audio Cynic;  by the time you read this issue, the show will have come and gone, most folks will have made their way home, and we will probably have collapsed in a heap from exhaustion.

Next issue there will be tales to tell, pictures to share, maybe even a video or two.

Speaking of video---there aren’t any videos from me in this issue, but you can expect to see more of them in future issues. Before I traveled to NY and NJ recently, Mentor/Publisher Paul McGowan encouraged me to visit a number of our colleagues in the industry, and shoot video. Being a good Mentee/Editor, I did so.

You’ll see a few pics from my visit to VPI in this installment of Vintage Whine, and I did extensive video interviews with both Harry and Mat Weisfeld, and toured their factory and listening labs. To say that Harry’s collection of vintage gear is astounding, is to understate the case.

John DeVore was kind enough to invite me to the DeVore Fidelity facilities in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and in the video I shot,  you’ll see the infamous Monkeyhaus, along with some of John’s secret projects.

In this issue’s My Turn, you’ll get a look at the impressive new factory of our Colorado neighbor, Boulder Amplifiers. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of work to turn out those massive, sculptural amps!

Our regular contributors continue to work their magic: Richard Murison concludes his series on Sigma/Delta ModulatorsLarry Schenbeck flagellates flageolets and other types of flutesPaul McGowan takes a basic look at subwoofers, and Jim Smith continues his in-depth look at them in Subwoofery.  Dan Schwartz gets past Tuesday Night Music Club, and moves on to Thud.  Darren Myers continues with his series on How to Make a Vintage Component Sing Again---THE SEQUEL!.   Duncan Taylor writes about his adventures with acronyms and with recording couples. Our resident bard WL Woodward is taking a break this issue.

See you in a couple of weeks with the news from RMAF!

Cheers, Leebs

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