Hi-Fi from Finland

Hi-Fi from Finland

Written by Paul McGowan

I started my career at a radio & TV repair shop, and I like to every now and then do some upgrading and restoration jobs. 

This is my #1 setup, and I used to be a big fan of Avantgarde horn speakers. Before acquiring these Sonus Faber speakers I had AG Duo Mezzo speakers. The AG’s are really impressive speakers, both visually and sound-wise. However, I was never really happy with the integration between the mid-horn and bass unit. Now I’m satisfied.

My sound preference has developed more and more towards a coherent, non-fatiguing listening experience. I prefer to have the vocals right, especially using the voices of  some very well-known lady singers.

Setup 2 is based on Marantz 2230 and a really nice Pioneer SX-34B, Sonus Faber Venere 2,5 and streaming Tidal using Mojo Dac and Macbook Pro.

I listen to music ranging from Classical to Sharon Robinson, a singer who often collaborated with the late Leonard Cohen.

Preamplifier/ Tuner: Mcintosh MX110Z

Power amplifier: Mcintosh MC225

CD player: Ayon CD2

USB interface for Apple Macbook Pro: Hiface Evo Two


Turntable: TW Acustic Raven GT

Tonearm: Kuzma 4 point

Speakers: Sonus Faber Elipsa Red

Streaming Service: Tidal Hifi

I am especially proud of my current system, as it allows me to enjoy more music than ever.

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