Excess in Pursuit of Stereo is No Vice!

Excess in Pursuit of Stereo is No Vice!

Written by Paul McGowan

This is my second large stereo. Like its predecessor, it took a while to pull together; in this case, about 2 years from the time I began my quest for another stereo to the system’s present state.

During the start of that search, I complained to a New York stereo buddy that I was unable to find a speaker that impressed me. He told me that he had attended a N.Y. audio show, and the only room which impressed him was that of Anthony Gallo Acoustics.


I tracked down a pair to audition and was immediately impressed by how big, loud and clean these very small speakers sounded. They may be small, but they are rated to handle up to 350 watts per channel continuous.

The salesperson then asked if I wanted to hear the very large tower speakers they also had set up. I listened and told him how well that had worked out for me because I much preferred the sound coming from the small $2700 (at the time) Gallo Reference 3 speakers than I did from the very large $40,000 tower speakers.

So I picked up my first pair of Gallo speakers and kept on going until I was satisfied.

Each of the preamp’s 5 channel outputs are split in 2 except for the rear channels.


From left to right there are 2 Gallo Reference speakers for the left channel, and then 2 center channel Gallos:  one on either side of the 65 inch TV. To the right of the right-hand center speaker there are 2 Gallo Refence speakers for the right channel. On either side of the couch is a single side Gallo speaker for the rear channel and, as mentioned, that signal is not split.

Lined up in front of the T.V. are 4 self-powered subwoofers. All Gallos are driven full range and the subs are crossed at 90Hz. Yes, there is a lot of bass energy.

The room is 16′ x 30′, with 8′ ceilings,  and I sit about 14 feet from the speakers. Each of the 6 front speakers are raised up on 2 cinder blocks and their upward tilt has been negated. I had to fit the stereo in with the furniture, not the other way around.

I use a Powersound processor and 8 Outlaw 200-watt monoblock amplifiers; I  think they are an awful lot of bang for the buck.The amps can be seen stacked 4 on each side sitting on the floor between the speakers. I don’t always fire up every amp and every sub each time I listen.

Sound? My target sound was clearly not small and delicate, although I listen to small and light pieces of music often enough.

It is at the big and loud end of the spectrum where this stereo shows off. Like a supercar approaching its redline shift point, this stereo can be too much.That means that at any sane sound pressure level, this stereo is relaxed and never strained. It is awe-inspiring just to listen to big, powerful, beautiful music and let that sound just wash over you like a tidal wave  It is not for everyone but I love it, and I was aiming to achieve my idea of great sound,  not anyone else’s.

Excess in the pursuit of stereo is no vice!

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