Crunch Time

Crunch Time

Written by Frank Doris

This might be the most gorgeous preamp and amp set we've ever seen: a Radford DSM Stereo Control Unit and matching 12-watt-per-channel amplifier. Courtesy of Ken Kessler, taken at Tonbridge AudioJumble 2002.


A mighty classic: an Audio Research D 250 stereo power amplifier. Introduced in August 1983, this hot item (literally – it required four cooling fans) delivered 240 watts per channel from 16 6550 output tubes and featured 32 tubes in total. It received rave reviews. Courtesy of Ken Kessler, taken at Tonbridge AudioJumble 2022. Product information courtesy of Ken's book, Audio Research: Making the Music Glow.


They don't make 'em like they used to: the Marantz Model 4300 receiver pictured in this ad still played the smash hits of the day, even after being tossed out of a car window.


 You can't judge a book by its cover: this 1993 Audio Amateur Publications reprint of Mullard's 1959 Tube Circuits for Audio Amplifiers may look like its cover was designed in 20 minutes, yet it contains a wealth of information about building tube amplifiers. But why do those tubes look so angry and sad?

Here's just one of its 136 pages, all packed with information.

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