Zuill Bailey and The Bach Cello Suites

July 19, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

25 comments on “Zuill Bailey and The Bach Cello Suites”

  1. Apart from the music, apart from the recording.. why the hell are you wearing those masks?
    Afraid of spitting each other in the face from those considerable distances?
    It really looks rediculous!

  2. Using laser scanning technology, it show that people produce around 2600 microscopic droplets per second when they speak. the droplets remain suspended in the air for 8-15 minutes. They can travel great distances in a ventilated area during that time. Right now there are literally thousands of people being infected by covid every hour. Covid is like science in as much as it doesn’t care what you believe! Thats why they are wearing mask. Even the Bach Cello suites isn’t worth dying for.

  3. For crying out loud discuss the music and recording. People need to make their own choices regarding Covid.

    It seems many folks have had a major time out to reconsider their music and their relationship with it due to the Covid situation, both good and bad. This is an interesting insight so thankyou for that. It looks a recording worth investing in and I’m particularly pleased that it is available in multichannel – Thanks Paul, honestly it does make sense!

  4. Ordered!
    Zuil is also the Artistic Director of the Northwest BachFest this year, in Spokane, WA; 85 miles up the road from us. He plays tomorrow and the day after. Too hot, and way too smoky for us to attend these outdoor concerts this year!

        1. Good morning Paul!
          Please correct me if I’m wrong.
          When I first met you a little over a year ago, I had you figured to be only a 2 channel man.
          But this is the first time that Octave Records has come out with a multichannel DSD recording.
          I think that’s way cool Audiophile Dad!
          How did both you and Gus pull it off?

          1. Thanks, John. It’s actually the second time. The first Octave release, Don Grusin, was also a 5.1 channel release. Robert, the main recording engineer on both projects is big into surround and included it for us.

  5. Can you please explain how this video came to be and who was responsible? Is this video of the actual Octave performance? Where? (It sure doesn’t look like the Octave studio in Boulder.) Did you schlep the DSD studio equipment to a concert hall? Technical and contextual information would really be appreciated. And how Octave actually got hooked up on this project with Mr. Bailey? Thanks for Octave’s participation in this wonderful project. Some of Octave’s past recordings have been what I consider fairly narrow ‘niche genres.’ I don’t care for all of the music. I consider Bach/cello music ‘mainstream’ and would love to see more of this in the future.

    1. The video was shot on location during the recording, yes. It was taken by Gus Skinas who was there running the Sonoma recording system. The entire production was recorded on site in Mesa Arizona and we flew the crews and equipment there to do. It was not an inexpensive venture.

  6. I like when he says “I don’t hear the cello, I hear Bach.” I think Glen Gould rerecorded the Goldberg Variations for similar reasons. As you age as a musician you think and feel about music in a deeper, more profound way.

  7. Why do we like music?
    Why do we use the 8 tone system?
    Why do most concerts goers fall asleep during the performance?
    Why do concert attendees never speak to people sitting next to them?
    Why do we love the blue VU meters on the amplifier which no one seems to understand or can attempt to explain………let alone comprehend the dB scale!


  8. Actually, I was expecting a discussion of the recording venue and choices for positioning the microphones. It looks like a wood box and the mics just in front and way above the performer. That would not be the place where we would listen to it.

    It seems the venue and the location makes it a bit artificial to what a person “there” would hear. Unless he/she gets on top of a ladder.

    Can you discuss this?

    By the way, because I have no interest in DSD, the recording itself is beyond me now.

    1. The mic locations and venue look very similar to images I saw of a recording by Myrios of Tabea Zimmerman playing 3 of the same suites. It was also done using 5 channel DSD.

    2. “It seems the venue and the location makes it a bit artificial to what a person “there” would hear. Unless he/she gets on top of a ladder.”

      The mics are recording the first ceiling reflection and the direct sound off axis. I would guess that it is more or less fairly portraying what an audience
      would hear.

  9. The video is great! Listening to Zuill talk about how he has never spent much time at home because he is always touring make you realize how life changing the pandemic was for touring musicians. I mentioned on the forums that I purchased my speakers from a guitar collector/reseller and he had a several of Leo Kottke guitars for sale in his collection. He was saying Leo had not been home in so long that when he was forced to stay home due to the pandemic he realized he had a huge guitar collection that needed to find new homes for! Crazy

  10. Paul, thank you very much for the presentation. We double bassists also perform the Bach suites more and more and they are even required repertoire for orchestra auditions on the bass nowadays. Looking forward to purchasing the recording.

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